Monday, June 6, 2016

A dayoff from work

Its a cold day here in Melbourne and the constant wind makes it still colder. I have taken a day off from work after the episode of acute pancreatitis. Yet the life has to go on. Went to the grocery with wife and remembered I had to pay the driving instructor, so went to the ATM and withdraw the money. On the way back home, I looked at the people in the street, most of them old people, in-fact almost all of them. Humped, bent, supported with stick or walker. It didn't look good at all as if life has left the world, the world seemed to have been sluggish. Few exceptions were women probably in their maternal leave. The church looked empty too. Its good to be God, you have to work two days a week, Saturdays and Sundays and rest of the day is your weekend, nobody bothers you. The worry was the fact that at 35, I was among those who were in their retirement and unlike me probably none of them had any responsibilities.
Its a difficult world for an unhealthy person, as the world gets faster every day, the chances of you being left behind is really high. As the family size has shrunk and the community interaction almost non-existent, your well-being is also the well-being of your family. Being ill is not something one can afford. Being ill is being pushed behind and its not only you who is pushed behind but your entire family. And it worries me.

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