Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sky, kites and.......

The sun is faint, the clouds are roaring but the roar is not threatening, when the air brush me off I feel water I feel rain. Sky is cloudy, further south the blue sky peeps into the busy earth but the clouds rush to fill the gap. As they try to fill the gap, the whole part looks like an eye, deep blue eye. Few kites browse the far sky and one soars freely in the sky above me. I wonder how it feels to be free I am not saying the kite is free it is attached with a string, somebody down there is flying it at his will, he pulls the string and let's it loose. Perhaps he is tasting what it likes to fly free, what it likes to rise. The kite rises and dances forgetting its string and the hands that hold it but just a pull makes it realise the freedom is just an illusion. Similar fate is shared by the one who holds its string, he does not think about it as he flies the kite. As if his life has stopped for a while as if it is he who is flying as if he has the control on what he wants to do.
At this time the cloud do not look mightier, they struggle to pull the curtain beneath the Sun, they seem to have been able to do it but the sun tears it apart and I just imagine it as a laughing teenager over a weak troublemaker.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kittens in the neighbourhood

Two kittens are wandering in the yard of our neighbours. Both of them are thin clearly indicating they have not had enough food. These stray creatures roam around the neighbourhood in search of food, they are still small for hunting. Though I don't know whether the kittens of their size hunt or not I have never seen them hunting. They were born in this neighbourhood and are around three months. One of them is black and white, other silver and the third one is black in color. The third one is not seen in the group and the other two seem to share a good camaraderie. When it was summer their favorite place used to be our yard and often they basked in the sun in our verandah, their mischief used to be hosted at neighbors at the right. Their play enchanting, joyful and innocent. Their only concern was food as shelter was not a problem as their are no dogs in the neighborhood and our dog is a timid creature who gets scared by the cats, even the mice. Only it's with cockroaches his gallantry will come into exhibition.
Today these kittens are in no mood for playing, probably they are hungry or they are missing the sun in this cloudy morning. The nature has made cats an ostentatious creature. The black and white cat is clearly frail but it has not lost its majestic walk, the cat-walk as they call it. It places it's foot with great cautiousness very much aware that it might loose the grace as it forgets to walk in its way. It climbs up the sack and licks itself, it cares a lot about cleanliness. It doesn't know about fragrances and perfumes otherwise it would also use it. Probably the scent of flowers amuses it but it doesn't know how to get it. When I see it playing with flowers I assume it might be trying to get the fragrance or probably asking the flower for tips to look graceful. I however feel flowers are beautiful, grace is characteristic of cats. The local kids tease them, try to shoo them away but inside the fence of the yard they know nobody will be able to move an inch of their hair. They look stoically at the mischievous kids, narrow their eyes and gather their body to make a circular demeanour, their tails stretched and almost restless. They look unappeased by the happenings around them, as if they are saints who have renounced the earthly thing and are in trance of their high meditation.
These creatures are less timid, even when a human passes nearby they just ignore the presence of the mortal as if they underestimate the prowess of a man. In their trance they might be thinking death is unavoidable and the maximum this mortal can do is kill me, later he will suffer his karma. Sometime when I pass close to them, they widen their green eyes not afraid a little as if just to check who it is and close their eyes returning to their meditation. It an make any one feel inferior, even the most notorious of the megalomaniacs will at least doubt at their might with this negligence of ones existence by these mundane creature.
You might kick at it but you know it fights back, that is the part of its majestic existence. Their brothers at the jungle are the most ruthless of the beings with no fear of what-so-ever and these tiny creature might have that instinct of majesty.
They roam from here to there as if some sort of imperialist, do not have herd as they are mighty enough to take care of themselves. Weaks require herds the gallants do not. Where they step that is their terrain? They even seem least concerned for food as if it is there just for asking.      

Monday, December 30, 2013

Keep sipping........

As the heat of the tea was trying to get away from the cup, I was trying to warm my hands. The winter has been more trying this year, perhaps it was similar last year as well but who has time to remember the mercury levels. Nothing significant had happened last winter to make it worth remembering. The Sun was warm, the crows and pigeons had crowded the few trees in the premises of the temple where I was sipping tea. The tea usually tastes good at that place but today the Sun was the reason to bring me there. At a distant some women were busy sipping their tea, they must be the employees from the bank I thought. I couldn’t hear them speak but I could tell that one of them had better things to say or atleast she was speaking most of the time. I could say this from the movement of her hand. So many things were making rounds in my aching head but I enjoyed those movements of hands. I  was restless today and so were the hands, those hands restless out of excitement my out of headache. I didn’t know how the woman looked, I could have seen her but I didn’t want, her hands seemed to be dancing and I was enjoying it. I cannot remember when did I stop watching those hands or if the women left place, I was already running wild in my thoughts. The tea had become cold. I tried to get as much heat out of it by covering the entire cup with my hands, it was warm.
Yes the tea was good. It was not strong just fine, the way it should have been, the way I would have preferred and the way I have been most of the time. Some coffee had also been added, probably to make it tastier, there was a small lump of coffee that had not dissolved properly. I tried to dissolve it by stirring the tea (or coffee). It dissolved but not properly leaving a part of the surface of tea tainted. I thought that taint was my headache. I took a gulp of the tea, I wish I could add sugar. I wanted to add sugar today into the day, my day. One of the birds tried to stretch its wings but closed it back fast. I could see it shake perhaps it was very cold for it as well.

The tea was fine inside its cup, I was fine in that isolation no desire to be with my colleagues. I didn’t want to speak, the tea looked sad. I didn’t remember the last sip but this sip was tasteless, spoiled my taste buds. I had paid for it, I swallowed it as if it was some insipid medicine. Life was similar, cannot spit because its not tasteful. A whiff of air tried to shake me up. Very little tea was remaining, I gulped it in one go. There was sugar at the bottom, I tried to drink every drop. The Sun was in its full glare, the life will be back, there is sugar at the bottom, one has to just keep sipping.